Sales Leads

Streamlining Your Deck Business

A successful builder explains how the use of repeatable processes and standard... More

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Your Remodeling Business May Live or Die on the Internet

Spencer Powell's must-read book simplifies the digital landscape where most... More

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Work Scopes, Designs, and Contracts

How to prepare a detailed scope of work, a vital document that is essential for... More

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How Many Leads Are Enough?

The answer may surprise you. Even with qualified leads, you won’t close the sale... More

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EPA Expands Oversight of Lead-Paint Rule

Will remodelers come to dread a letter from the EPA more than one from the IRS? More

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Do the Math - Qualified Leads

A low close ratio could signal a sales problem. But it might also mean that you... More

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Proactive and Positive In the Face of Recession

When the going gets tough, the tough spend more on marketing. More

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Make More Money By Controling The Growth Of Your Building Business

When I was a young builder in the early '80s, there was an old-timer in town who... More

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Budgeting for your marketing, sales, and project starts More

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Is the Lead Carpenter System for You?

With this job-management approach, you put one person on a job, and that person... More

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