The Oscillating Multi-Tool (OMT) has become prevalent on most jobsites over the past 15 years. The versatility and accessibility of multi-tools has led them to skyrocket in popularity and become a must-have tool on the jobsite. With the flexibility to work in hard-to-reach areas, this jack-of-all-trades can save time, energy, and make large jobs smaller. The correct attachments are key to saving headaches and unlocking OMT’s true potential.

1. Repair

  • Almost every remodeler encounters rotted framing in the course of their work. Whether it be poor design, issues with ventilation or lack of maintenance, homes may have rotten areas that need to be removed and replaced. The OMT gives the flexibility to knock out smaller sections of rotting lumber in tight spots. With the right attachment, this tool can also cut through nail-embedded wood, saving a lot of time and hassle.

2. Drywall

  • Anyone who has worked with drywall knows that neat, precise cuts are key to less patchwork and finishing. A specialized attachment enables OMT’s to cut out outlets and other forms in drywall neatly with no overcutting.

3. Metal Cutting

  • Removing a rusted-out bolt that will not budge is possible with an OMT and specialized metal cutting blade. Often these bolts are in tight spots or corners increasing the need for a lightweight, smaller profile tool.

4. Sanding

  • When refinishing floors and working in hard-to-reach areas, the OMT provides the flexibility to smooth out uneven areas. With the right sanding sheet attachment, you can buff out imperfections in wood during a common remodel.

5. Grout Removal

  • A very common bath remodel issue is stained or old grout that needs removal. To freshen and improve the look of bath tile there is no better solution then a specialized carbide grit OMT blade for grout. Purchasing a premium attachment with the right cutting width will make the removal portion of this job quick and easy.

6. Knifing

  • These days there is always a plethora of cardboard boxes not just on the job site but at your shop or home as well. A good hook knife blade attachment can save energy and time by breaking down these boxes for disposal with ease.

7. Scraping

  • The OMT can be used for a variety of scraping applications including removing glue, paint, caulk, and other adhesives. For tougher scraping jobs, a rigid scraper will provide the best performance. For soft adhesives and caulk, use a flexible scraper.

The Oscillating Multi-Tool (OMT) has become a go-to option for many contractors in situations where a job needs to be done quickly and correctly. Diablo Tools offers a full range of carbide and bi-metal OMT accessories that fit any multi-tool, including those with a Starlock interface. If you plan to utilize OMT consider upgrading to the premium solution in OMT Accessories.