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The Well-Organized Carpenter

Brian Campbell's shop-built tool system overcomes the shortcomings of... More

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Latest New Product Roundup

Check out Stiletto's new Trimbone hammer, StoSeal STPE sealant, StruXure's... More

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Lightweight, Versatile Titanium Hammer

From Stiletto, the Trimbone hammer is equipped with a compact D-face, trim claw,... More

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Top 5 Reasons You Need a Next Generation Demolition Saw Blade

Improved Blade Designs and Premium Materials are the Real Deal More

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Combo Adjustable Wrench and Pliers

Two tools, a 10-inch adjustable wrench and pump pliers, in one. More

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7 Different Applications to Use Your Oscillating Multi-Tool

With the correct attachment this tool can do almost anything on the jobsite! More

Tool Test: DeWalt 5-in-1 Drill

Nathan Rinne checks out a compact drill with interchangeable heads for working in... More

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How to Use a Framing Square to Lay Out an Octagon

John Carroll explains how to read that obscure scale hidden in plain sight on the... More

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Checking the Accuracy of Squares and Levels

Are your cuts a skosh off, your doors or windows half a bubble off plumb? More

Toolbits: Milwaukee I-Beam Hammers

Three new models ranging from 16-ounces to 28-ounces join the tool company's steel... More

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