Makita Four-Rail Miter Saw
Makita has always been known for bringing innovation and quality to its sliding-compound miter saws, and it continues its category-leading legacy with the new LS1016L, a 10-inch saw with 12-inch capabilities. The saw rides smoothly on a rigid four-rail system with six linear bearings that increases cut accuracy and reduces the rail travel room needed on full-extension cuts, contributing to the tool's compact size. And it gets its increased cutting capacity from a newly designed direct-drive gearbox and guard system that allows it to cut 65/8-inch (vertically nested) crown molding and 4-3/4-inch stock (vertical against the fence). It will also make 12-inch cross cuts at 90 degrees. Other features include a 15-amp motor with soft start and electronic speed control, a built-in line-of-cut laser, and an optional five-position mobile miter-saw stand. The company rolled out a 12-inch model at the beginning of the year. Makita LS1016L Sliding Compound Miter Saw: $549. 800-462-5482.