I’m fascinated with timber framing. I’d be no good, no good at all, at it. But to the people who are like Jordan Finch and Collin Beggs Timber Framing, my hard hat is off.

In this cool video from Bryce at Timber Frame HQ, he shows how he “drop cuts” a tenon using circular saws and a shaving-sharp chisel.

Of practical note to those who build decks is in dropping the saw through the top of the timber. This illustrates a move that might save you time the next time you make a shoulder cut on a deck post, which I do not show in this deck framing video but will show at DeckExpo in Louisville, Ky. Basically, cutting the top of the timber to remove wood from the center minimizes time shaking the enamel off your teeth recip-ing it out.

Bryce’s video is cool. Timber framers are cool.