The C10RJ is engineered with sturdy, foldable legs and all-terrain treaded wheels.
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The C10RJ is engineered with sturdy, foldable legs and all-terrain treaded wheels.

The new Hitachi C10RJ- 10” Jobsite Table Saw features a 15- amp motor with soft start and electric break that produces a no-load speed of 4,500 rpm, so it is designed to handle everything from framing lumber to hardwoods. It comes with a rolling stand with 8” rubber all-terrain treaded wheels and folding legs; one of the legs includes an adjustable foot to aid in leveling the saw on uneven surfaces.

The top measures 28-3/4” x 22” and has an integral outfeed arm that extends beyond the back of the saw for additional material support. Telescoping arms extend the rip fence to either side of the blade for a 35” capacity to the right (the largest rip capacity in its class) and 22” when set on the left. Bevel capacity ranges from 0° to 45°; the max depth of cut at 0° is 3-1/8” and at 45° is 2-1/4”. It can take a dado stack up to 8 x 13/16”.

The C10RJ also includes overload protection with automatic shut off to prevent damage to the motor; a riving knife to ensure no bind or kickback; built-in storage for the push stick, blade guard, anti-kickback pawls, power cord, and other accessories; and a 2-1/2” dust port for connecting to shop vacs and dust collectors.

Additional features include blade adjustment access from the table top and a quick-release blade insert.

The C10RJ comes with a 10” 40-tooth carbide-tipped blade, miter gauge, blade-guard assembly, push stick, rip fence, out-feed support, anti-kickback pawls, two blade wrenches and 5mm, 4mm, and 2.5mm hex bar wrenches, and a folding stand.

The Hitachi C10RJ 10” Jobsite Table Saw with Fold & Roll Stand is available for $479.99.

For a closer look at the saw’s features, check out Rob Robillard’s (aka A Concord Carpenter) review below.

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