Universal Charger

10C Technologies' AC02 universal battery charger simultaneously powers up to four batteries in 15 minutes, using eight types of adapters to match chargers with different brand batteries. AC01 charges one at a time. Lithium-ion adapters available in January. Price: $295 (AC02), $100 (AC01). 800-984-3086.

Truss-Setting Platform

Ridge Runner truss-setting platform has real potential to increase efficiency, speed, and safety. Foam-padded knee saddles and metal footholds let a ridge-setter work hands-free to guide and brace the next truss and release the crane strap. Working with a pair of platforms, a framer leapfrogs units as he sets and braces each truss. Powdered-aluminum construction, on-board storage for truss ties, tool hook. Price: $1,000/pair. 920-349-3281.

Power Buggy

The all-purpose Muck Truck is a self-propelled wheelbarrow with a 6-cubic-foot, -1/4-ton capacity hopper (skip) that converts to a power flatbed or tow mule for construction, landscaping, masonry, and general heavy-hauling use. Powered by a Honda 5.5 hp commercial engine, the unit has forward and reverse gears, can carry loads up a 38-degree incline, and at 28 inches wide, it can easily fit through doorways. Price: $2,600. 772-621-3951.

Siding/Fencing Nailer

The Grip-Rite GRTCS250 Coil Siding/Fencing Nailer is a versatile pneumatic tool that can handle jobs from attaching wood or fiber cement siding to fencing applications. This 4.8-pound tool shoots wire and plastic-sheet collated nails from 1-1/4-inches to 2-1/2-inches long, and has tool-less drive adjustment and an easy-to-load sliding nail tray. Price: $299. 800-676-7777.