Makita USA
  • Makita has announced a new addition to their line of concrete rotary hammers, a two-inch model with enhanced Anti-Vibration Technology (AVT). Earlier this year I saw the 1 9/16-inch version of the tool demonstrated at the World of Concrete (video below) and the AVT appeared to greatly reduce vibration.

    According to Makita, many rotary hammers rely on spring-loaded handles to take care of vibration. Their AVT tools rely on a three-component system that deals with vibration in ways simple spring-loaded handles cannot:

    An air actuated counterbalance dampens vibration by moving in the opposite direction of the drive piston.

  • The upper housing and handle move independently because they’re decoupled from the motor and drive mechanism.
  • There is a damper spring at the base of the impact bolt to absorb impact vibrations from the drill bit.

Features include a torque-limiting clutch, soft start, and constant speed control to maintain even speed under load. The two-mode tool has “hammering with rotation” and “chipping only”, with the option to lock the tool on in chipping mode. It offers 24 bit angle settings and a one-touch sliding chuck for fast bit changes.

Makita HR5212C Specs
Motor: 15 amps
Capacity in concrete: 2”
Impact energy: 19 joules (14 ft-lbs)
Vibration rating: 9m/s²
Blows per minute: 1,100-2,250 BPM
Length: 23 1/2”
Cord: 16.4’
Weight: 26.2 pounds
Includes: rotary hammer, depth rod, bit grease, D-handle, straight handle, and straight handle assembly
Country of origin: Japan
Price: $1,149
Available: October 2014