Crank For Framing

Invented by a framer from little more than a truck's chain load binder, this tool has spiked steel plates on each end that you can hammer quickly onto separated wood frame sections. You then crank the ratchet handle, like a come-along, for powerful pulling action that will draw together even warped or bowed walls, joists, girders, and any other out-of-line framing members. One man can do the entire operation unaided, according to the manufacturer. Price: $70. 570-223-0527.

Auto Feed Cap Stapler

National Nail's new Stinger CH38A builds on its predecessor with automatic feeding of plastic caps; just smack and go, like the fast action of a hammer tacker. A better scissors-type cutter severs the cap string more reliably, even with a weak or angled hit. This model holds a coil of 168 1-inch plastic caps and 168 3/8-inch staples. Price: $70. 800-746-5659.