Though this one won't be available until next April, it's worth mentioning that Skilsaw introduced at the STAFDA Show last week a cutting solution for fiber-cement. A key feature of this new 7 1/4-inch sidewinder is a redesigned blade guard that reportedly functions better as a dust shroud and hooks up to a vac to pull dust away from the tool motor.  This of course helps control the clouds of abrasive dust associated with cutting fiber-cement products. The vacuum hose that comes with the tool has a clever nylon jacket, which not only contains the tool cord with the hose, but provides a smooth surface so the corrugations on the flexible hose don’t catch so easily on the edges of material.

This new Skilsaw also comes with a Diablo “Hardie blade" (SPT67FMD-22) – a polycrystalline diamond blade that Diablo Tools developed with James Hardie specifically for cutting fiber cement.