In mid-October I attended the Remodeling Show in Chicago. Among the exhibitors were a number of tool companies and I shot video of some of their tools being demonstrated. ...

Iron Dog Modular Tool Rig

One of the more interesting products I saw was a modular tool belt system from Iron Dog Tool Gear. It consists of a belt that can be combined with various pouches and tool holders, which are held in place by metal clips. The clips fit into loops on the belt (and loops on other pouches) so they can be installed, removed, and rearranged very quickly. The rig is completely customizable and components can be purchased as needed.

Video: Iron Dog Modular Tool Rig

Tapco Anniversary Brake

John Miller of Tapco Tools used a short version of the Anniversary Brake to show me how to make a number of different flashings: sill pans, head flashings, and a brick mold trim for use with replacement windows. The Anniversary Brake was introduced on the 50th anniversary of the invention of the portable brake. This new model sports several improvements to the original design: removable handles, jaws that open wider than normal, and a "hinge" that works by means of cams instead of the usual piano hinge. In addition to using the brake, Miller made use of a removable slitter and a Brake Buddy.The Brake Buddy is a hand-held roll-forming device that can roll various profiles into sheet metal - it's very slick.

Videos: Tapco Anniversary Brake

Dustless Technologies

Darren Diess of Dustless Technologies demonstrated the filtering capabilities of their HEPA vacuum and showed me a number of dust collection shrouds that will fit the tools you already own. I particularly like the Bi0074 Buddy products, which fit onto the end of a vacuum hose and stick to the wall by suction. You can drill or cut holes through the center opening and the dust will be sucked away. I shot video of one and you can see a different one here. Their new DustBubble is a plastic bag for collecting dust. If you stick it to the wall, you can drill through it and the dust will be contained. When you are finished you can peel it off the wall (without damage to the paint) and throw it away.

Video: Iron Dog Modular Tool Rig

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