Irwin's newest Vise-Grip pliers have a "self-energizing" jaw design that shifts under load and self-tightens, similar to the action of a pipe wrench. This means that the grip strength of the tool isn't determined solely by the crushing force of the jaws, which may prevent the deformation of some materials the pliers are used on. The 10CR Fast Release 10-inch pliers ($14) have curved jaws that are more V-shaped than standard curved jaws, to better lock on round shapes and hex nuts. The rubber-gripped handles feel nice on your hands, and the easy release mechanism works without a separate lever. Standard model Vise-Grips are also available with the new curved jaws. The brand's GrooveLock adjustable pliers have a similar jaw design added to their smooth and toothed straight-jaw configurations. 800-464-7946,

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