Woodworkers, trim guys, and anyone cutting PVC pipe, heads up. The Multi-PullSaw Pro is a modern take on an ancient tool.

Maybe it’s because a pull saw many years ago helped me out of a jamb—literally, it was the only tool I had for undercutting jamb legs for new flooring and it worked supremely well—that I have a soft spot for this tool.

The Multi-PullSaw from a brand inexplicably called Roamwild (Roamwild appears to have no website, so this is a link to Amazon) looks like it has reinvented the wheel for this awesome unit and a 2-in-1 design that doesn’t look like it sacrifices anything.

The main cutting portion of the blade, for general carpentry cutting, is 14 TPI while the angled cutting edge for finer work is 22 TPI.

It cuts everything saws cut, including PVC, for which I’d swap out just about any other way to cut if I could get a bur free cut quickly.

The handle looks great, too, especially for cutting something like jamb legs, because it offsets your hand away from the work. Add that it doubles as a tack hammer and nail puller, and it looks really cool. I’d never use that feature, but it looks solidly built.

Last thing. You can use it as a square (again, not sure I’d use it, but it seems cool). Other last thing: quick-release blade change.