An HVAC technician in South Carolina identified only as “Brad” (his name is written on some of his tools) put together this video below of the tools he carries for maintenance work. All of the various hand tools and materials he keeps for this purpose are housed in a Veto Pro Pac MB2 bag; it weighs about 11 pounds as he packs it. He has three of them, loaded out for different tasks. Brad deals with a lot of attics and crawlspaces so he likes keeping this smaller bag. In the video, you’ll see some HVAC-specific tools, obviously, but you’ll also see some tools that might be worth having if you do remodeling, electrical, or plumbing work - especially after you hear him talk about what he uses them for. One of his go-to tools is this gyroscopic stick driver. If you’ve never seen one, check out our review.

One thing that Brad doesn’t mention but I learned about on this video below is the idea of adding desiccant packs at the bottom of your tool bags to help keep moisture away from the tools. Here’s an in-depth look at another HVAC installer’s setup - with an explanation of how and where he uses these packs. He also has a bunch of other “tools” like a Golf Brush, and Dr. Brown’s bottle cleaners.

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