First, this reads like a little woo-woo hocus pocus in here.

On the other foot, when my shoes finally go—when the cushioning is just smashed flat and it’s like I’m walking on pavement—I immediately know. My knees hurt. My back gets tight. Real, actual things start going wrong.

And when I change the shoes, the problems immediately go away.

Were they to persist, however, and my dogs kept barkin’, I’d be looking for solutions for what ails me and the Protalus shoe insert looks like it may be a solution for the permanent knee or back or glute pain many of us feel.

Protalus’ take on the musculo-skeletal issues that plague us is by starting at what it says is the source: the ankle and heel. The company says its insert redistributes the impact of each step, minimizing the shockwaves that go up what it calls the “kinetic chain.”

The company says its unique heel cup realigns the entire body. This is where my cynical Spidey sense starts to tingle a little. But wait, there’s more…

The company goes on to talk about overall health and “alignment,” which I both do and don’t believe, then it gets real by saying these inserts address structural, root causes of pain—not just symptoms like a grocery-store bought cushion would. I’m listening again.

The outstanding news is that the company will give you a pair for 90 days. Wear them as much as you want. Cut them to fit your shoe. If you’re a sneaker guy, check out these jobsite-tough kicks here.

If you don’t like them, send them back—with the shipping label the company provides. No bull, no fees. “The risk is 100% on us.”

I like that. It’s kind of like the free estimates we give 365 days a year.

Free shipping and a long list of aliments it says the inserts can help with—and a self-reported 97% success rate.

They cost $99, but that’s easy money for a back that doesn’t hurt.

• Neuropathy• Plantar Fasciitis
• Back Pain
• Knee Pain
• Flat Feet
• Arthritis
• Hip Pain
• Heel Spurs
• Diabetic Foot
• Neuroma
• High Arches
• Blister
• Shin Splints
• Arch Pain
• Ball of Foot Pain
• Swelling
• Bunion
• Heel Pain
• Callus
• Tarsal Tunnel
• Hammer Toes
• Achy Feet