I recently had the pleasure of visiting a renovation project where New Dimension Construction has been testing out Bullet Tools’ Magnum Siding Shear for Tools of the Trade and JLC on an enormous fiber cement install they’re working on (stay tuned for the review in an upcoming issue). These kinds of trips are one of the main perks of this job because I get to meet folks who are at the top of their game, and who are always eager to share their knowledge and insights of their craft.

During this particular visit, New Dimension’s lead carpenter Ryan Labrenz and I struck up a conversation about tool pouches because I didn't recognize the one he was wearing. I’ve had my Occidental OxyLights Framer Tool Belt for well over ten years and have appreciated its quality, fit, and functionality since the day I started using it. Ryan, on the other hand, was wearing a Iron Dog tool belt, and quickly offered his thoughts on the merits of this system of interchangeable parts summarized in this phrase: It's a fully customizable tool belt.

The Iron Dog Tool Gear is made in what the company refers to as their “own socially responsible factory in India” by employees with extensive experience making leather goods. They pride themselves on craftsmanship, which is apparent in Ryan’s enthusiasm and commitment to the product.

In the video below, which Ryan made a few years ago, you’ll get his review of the system. Since the video was taken, he has expanded his inventory of the Iron Dog accessories, and has even outfitted his van with them as well, which you’ll see in the slideshow. The features and versatility of the system are indeed impressive.

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