Held each March in Indianapolis, the Work Truck Show is where truck industry people go to see all of the latest products for up-fitting and customizing work vehicles.

Last year I was at the show for a single day; this year I spent two days but was still unable to take everything in. I saw an incredible number of racks, caps, truck boxes, van shelving systems, ramps, lifts, winches, and service bodies. The automakers were there too, with their latest and greatest trucks and vans—complete vehicles or cab-only models for the up-fit market.

And that’s just the “regular” stuff. Want to outfit your truck so it can drive on railroad tracks? Well, there was an exhibitor offering that kind of equipment. Want to convert a vehicle to electric, CNG, or hybrid operation? You can do that too. There was even a company promoting an experimental drone that pops out of the top of a box truck and delivers up to a 10-pound package to locations up to 3 miles away.

The descriptions above hardly do justice to the variety and coolness of the equipment and accessories that can be seen at the show. Click on the slideshow to see a bit of what I saw at the 2016 event. For last year’s show click here. Be sure to see the captions and keep your eyes open for links to video.

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