My name is David Frane and I am the new editor of Tools of the Trade. This is a dream job for me because I have been fascinated by tools since the age of five, when my father gave me a hammer and handsaw and turned me loose on a pile of scrap wood. As an adult, I spent 20 years doing new construction and remodeling on residential and commercial projects, with stints as a laborer, house painter, finish carpenter, site foreman, and architectural millwork shop supervisor. For a couple of years in there I even built wooden boats and furniture – but that's another story.

David Frane
David Frane

I began my career in publishing in the mid-'90's as an assistant editor at Tools of the Trade under founding editor Clayton DeKorne. Although I later left to work for JLC, I continued reading TOOLS and have worked with each succeeding editor: Rick Schwolsky, Mark Clement, and most recently, Michael Springer. One would be hard pressed to name four people who know more about tools than that group of guys. They set the bar pretty high and it will be a challenge to live up to the standard they created.

The tool world has seen a lot of change since the early days of TOOLS. Back then, there was no such thing as a line laser, the sliding miter saw was in its infancy, and cordless tool batteries topped out at 12 volts. Since that time new tool companies have entered the market while old ones have reinvented themselves by merging with competitors and reviving dormant brands. Through it all, one thing hasn't changed – our commitment to bring you, the professional tradesperson, the latest news and information about the tools and accessories you use to make your living.

We know you are serious about tools and we are, too, because most of our authors are tradespeople who use tools every day and then write about them in their spare time. In the coming issues of TOOLS you will be hearing from authors such as:

Tim Uhler, a framer in Port Orchard, Wash.
Chris Kennel, a remodeler in Denver, Colo.
Tim McNamara, a framer in Rochester, N.Y.
Jesse Wright, a finish carpenter in Pleasant Hill, Calif.
Rob Zschoche, a remodeler and tile setter in Chantilly, Va.
Doug Mahoney, a carpenter in Harvard, Mass.

Don't forget to come back to our website and blog - we will be updating them more frequently and making changes that will provide you with better and timelier information.

That's enough about us, let's talk about tools.

David Frane