Better Stair Stringer Layout

This calculated approach guarantees that your deck stairs will have uniform risers... More

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Working Smarter, Not Harder

Veteran carpenter John Spier's top 8 work habits and principles shared by... More

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Prefabricating a Frame-and-Panel Ceiling

Gary Striegler shows how to use simple pocket-screw joinery to assemble a paneled... More

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Restoring Box-Head Windows

The sash and screen for this unique window slides up into a pocket above the frame... More

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Hidden Bathroom Access Panels

Tom O'Brien explains how to hide plumbing and mechanical systems behind removable... More

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Tuning Up Construction Stairs

Dave Holbrook shows how to use a series of precisely stacked and staggered blocks... More

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Carpentry Jigs to Speed Production

Brian Campbell shares his methods for increasing both precision and productivity... More

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Bending PVC Trim

Nathan Nebbia runs down his process for bending solid PVC moldings with heat... More

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True Divided Lights

176 miters, 142 copes, and 108 through-tenons were needed to make reproduction... More

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Framing an Octagonal Roof

Here's John Carroll's step-by-step guide to framing roofs for octagonal gazebos... More

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