Master Carpenter Matt Jackson of Next Level Carpentry uses a variety of sawhorses, the ones shown in the video being the simplest and least expensive in design. Jackson bills these as “apprentice sawhorses.” Why? Because they are inexpensive to build and are a basic, entry-level design. They’re strong and lightweight, and because they're inexpensive, they're expendable too. According to Jackson, the sawhorses provide an opportunity for an apprentice to build skills through selecting material, figuring out layout, marking, measuring, cutting, and assembling. The horses provide a good place for a company logo, as well. But what’s most impressive is the strength. Jackson tested these at a lumberyard where they held 14,112 LF totaling 15,996 lb. The video is broken up into two parts: The first five minutes are a quick run-through of the build, and the remaining shows much more detail. The last 10 minutes show the process of testing the strength of these incredibly strong and durable sawhorses.