The Gehl Z55 and Mustang 550Z excavators, both from Manitou, feature a Yanmar Tier IV–certified turbocharged, diesel engine with 47.6 hp and an angle blade with float that can be registered 25 degrees in either direction to eliminate repetitive re-positioning when backfilling. A digital operator interface shows real-time system information, service reminders, fuel consumption, and 90 days of operating history. The cabs feature elevated travel pedals, wrist rest, and a three-way adjustable seat with retractable belt to keep the operator comfortable throughout the workday. Standard auxiliary proportional hydraulics give the operator infinitely variable control of the hydraulic flow. This allows the operator to set the ideal flow for the attachment and application. ECO Mode can be activated from the cab with a switch. When activated, the engine speed is reduced by 10%, reducing fuel consumption and operating costs. Auto deceleration lowers noise and emissions levels when the hydraulic movement has not occurred for more than four seconds.

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