I hate lean manufacturing—not the concept, just the name. It's probably because I associate the term with some blowhard in a suit I saw on TV who went on and on about it. The thing is, lean manufacturing is really just common sense: Keep tools and supplies organized and within easy reach and when you finish using them, put them away in EXACTLY the same place EVERY time. There is more to it than that, but that's the basic idea.

Malcolm McGrath uses lean manufacturing principles to organize his cabinet shop, vehicle, and the jobsites where he works. The video below shows his on-site setup. As in his shop, he keeps tools and supplies in a rolling storage unit made from staging that can be broken down and folded. It’s important that unit breaks down to a small size because he has to transport it to and from the job.  The green bins contain tools and supplies, and like the staging, are easily transportable.