Motor oil, two-cycle oil, even hydraulic oil are going green. Green Earth Technologies, a recent startup company with no ties to the petroleum industry, is selling the first products in a line of naturally organic, biodegradable, high-performance motor oils, including environmentally friendly hydraulic oil for heavy equipment.

GET's two-cycle oils for portable power equipment are available through major retailers, including Ace, TruValue,, and Target. According to CEO Jeff Marshall, additional products will soon be available at The Home Depot, including lubricants that will accompany gas-powered tools and equipment that the chain sells. Hydraulic oils are expected to begin shipping in September to equipment and fuel-oil distributors nationwide.

The oils and other products under the GET label are made from animal fats (tallow) and vegetable-based foods unfit for consumption. When used, these products burn smokeless and particulate-free and are carbon neutral, Marshall says, so power equipment uses 30% less oil than petroleum-based products.

Green Earth Technologies expects to roll out some 150 products based on its unique oil formulation, including unrelated items such as environmentally safe cleaning products, graffiti removers, and weed killers. 877-438-4761.