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Recently I received a sample of 1/4- inch-thick foil-faced bubble pack insulation material (FFBP). The accompanying brochure claims that a floor with the material stapled to the bottom joist surface will have an R-value of R-14.7. Another section claims R-7.8 for the material added to a basement wall between two layers of furring strips. Beneath both claims is a qualifying statement which explains that the insulation has demonstrated R-values of R-8.3 for heat flow up, R-14.3 for heat flow down, and R-9.8 for heat flow horizontal under standard conditions for the ASTM C-236 test for R-values in a 6-inch cavity. Can 1/4-inch-thick shiny bubble pack create R-14.7 in a floor? Or R- 7.8 on a basement wall? And what is the