On Tuesday, November 8, Donald Trump was declared the winner of the 2016 election, defeating Hillary Clinton for the Presidency. The results were overwhelmingly met with surprise; Trump was not expected to win as voters headed to the polls in the early hours of the day. But he led the electoral count all evening, and as the clock passed midnight, the outcome was inevitable as Americans waited for the Pennsylvania results, and the 20 electoral votes that finally clinched a Trump win. Republicans also won control of the House of Representatives (239 to 192), the Senate (51 to 47) and a majority of the country’s governorships (more than 33 states).

Neither Trump nor Clinton shed much light during their campaigns on how housing would fare under their leadership. Now that we know the results of the election, we want to hear your thoughts: What will a Trump Presidency, combined with a Republican controlled Congress, mean for your business?

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