Kyle Diamond

My company has done a fair amount of remodeling work on older homes, and over the years we've grown accustomed to working with copper, using it for roof flashings on both remodels and new construction, budget permitting. In addition to copper's attractive appearance and known durability, we like the ability to solder the seams, which allows us to efficiently prefabricate aprons at dormers and chimneys—we just couldn't do that with aluminum or galvanized metal. Granted, copper is more expensive and soldering takes time. But we end up with a one-piece, maintenance-free assembly that's easy to install and, I believe, more watertight than anything we could achieve with other flashing metals.

Most of the corner flashings we come across, even if made from copper, are modified step flashings, cut in place to wrap the corner of the wall or chimney, while the leg running along the roof slope laps the apron. Both pieces may or may not be set in sealant, and usually the outside corner where the counterflashing and step flashing meet is...

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