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Leak Stopper.

Preventing air movement through wall and ceiling assemblies is one of the keys to building a durable and comfortable home. Conservation Technology's Building Gaskets are a great way to prevent air leakage and associated moisture problems. They come in three different widths, for band joists, 2x4 walls, and 2x6 walls. Unlike caulks and sealants — which need warm and dry conditions for an effective seal — gaskets can be installed in any kind of weather. Resource Conservation Technology, 800/477-7724,

Clean Sweep.

A good door sweep is an inexpensive way to tighten up a home, but its effectiveness can be hampered by plush carpeting or a new layer of flooring; the door may become difficult to operate and the sweep may wear out prematurely. M-D's Seal-o-Matic is a clever solution to this common problem. The retractable sweep raises when the door is opened and then lowers again when it's closed. The product costs about $20. M-D, 800/654-8454,

Foam Pack.

Typical fiberglass insulation is virtually useless for insulating band joists and other leaky areas. A much better option for these problem spots is a two-part foam like Dow's Froth-Pak 180. The kit — which includes an applicator gun with an 8-foot hose — yields about 18 board feet of insulation; other sizes are available for bigger and smaller jobs. I found the Froth-Pak 180 online for about $300. Dow, 888/868-1183,

Interior Doors


For a unique look, check out Jeld-Wen's Heart Design door. Constructed of MDF with a polyurethane core — making it 33 percent lighter than solid MDF units — the limited-edition model is available through February 2007 in two styles, each featuring a carved heart. Prices for a slab start at $250, and for a prehung version, at $300. Jeld-Wen will donate $100 to the American Heart Association for every Heart Design door sold. Jeld-Wen, 877/535-3462,

Undercover Portal.

Hidden doors that conceal a secret stash or tasting room are a growing trend in wine cellars. If you're going to be building and installing one, be prepared for a lot of head-scratching — or make it easy on yourself by specifying a ready-made Hidden Vertical Display Door from Wine Cellar Innovations. Free of visible hardware, it's designed to blend seamlessly into the company's standard shelving. In addition to the standard 291/4-inch unit, custom sizes are available. Prices start at $3,990. Wine Cellar Innovations, 800/229-9813,


Solid-wood doors may be great-looking, but they have an Achilles heel: They can warp — sometimes for no apparent reason. A veneered face and engineered stiles and rail help Woodport doors resist this tendency. The units come in just about any wood species, in raised or flat-panel, French or bifold styles. List prices start at $70 for the door only. Heritage Veneered Products, 877/966-3767,