JLC • NEW ENGLAND EDITION • JUNE 1995 JLC • NEW ENGLAND EDITION • JUNE 1995 EIGHT- PENNY NEWS VOLUME 13 • NUMBER 9 JUNE 1995 When the Clinton administration took office in 1993, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) got right down to business with an ambitious agenda of new regulations and revamped enforcement schemes. But since the 1994 Congressional elections swept the Democratic majority out of Congress, OSHA has been on the defensive. In fact, the changing tide in Washington threatens to wash away many of OSHA's latest creations. Tough new rules. In the two years following Clinton's inauguration, OSHA produced extensive new rules that affect builders and remodelers: a revised fall protection standard (Eight-Penny News, 1/95), a toughened rule for limiting asbestos exposure