JLC ??JULY 1992 Vermont: Lower interest rates and an improved economic outlook pushed first-quarter 1992 home sales up 41% from the same period in 1991, according to the Vermont Association of Realtors. The increase was felt statewide. Prices, however, didn't move much. Statewide they rose slightly, from $106,995 to $108,408; while in the Burlington area they actually fell, from $121,514 in early 1991 to $121,421 in 1992. Vermont, the least overbuilt of the six New England states during the late '80s boom, is expected to be among the first to recover. Maine: When the people of Union, Maine, voted this March to reject a proposal to upgrade their riverside shorefront zoning ordinance to meet new, more restrictive state zoning standards, the town became the 11th to do so in recent months.