Q. I’m looking for a source for hide-away doors like the ones shown in the recent article by Annette DePaepe on laundry rooms ( By Design, 12/98, page 18). Is this hardware available for full-size doors? What are its limitations?

A.Annette DePaepe responds: There are a number of manufacturers of the hinges you mention. I work closely with a local cabinet shop, which supplies them for me. They are sometimes referred to as flipper door hinges. The door pivots open on standard concealed hinges, then disappears into the cabinet, hinges and all, along slides mounted on the side of the cabinet. The hardware is available in various load ratings and for doors of different heights. For example, Accuride, a maker of high-quality drawer slides (562/903-0200), has models rated for doors up to 75 pounds and 6 feet tall. The slides rated for tall doors typically have tension cables that help keep the door from racking. Be warned: These slides can be a little time-consuming to mount for first-time installers.