It's not uncommon for neighbors to have opinions about a building or remodeling project that's happening next door. But whether they like it or not, there's usually not much a neighbor can do, if the project conforms with local rules.

But that's a big "if" — and in one Florida community, a neighboring homeowner says a next-door project is violating local rules, as well as tripling the building size, crowding the lot line, and ruining the view. 

According to an ABC Action News report by Tampa television station WFTS (see video below) : “The code specifically says that it they demolish more than 50 percent of the home, they have to bring it to within code,” said [neighbor] Roxanne Kosarkzycki.  A document submitted by the builder shows more than 95 percent of the project will be "new construction."

“Their plans say they were leaving the entire concrete slab in as part of their remodel renovation,” Roxanne said. But photos show even that slab was removed.

Small pieces of wall on each side of the old home are all that remain.  ...  A 111-foot long concrete wall which was grandfathered as "non-conforming" is a foot and a half inside the setback that's allowed in the current county building code.  The part blocking the view is 15 feet closer to the lake than the county's 30 foot wetland setback rule allows. The plan says it's a covered lanai that’s part of a pool, but the building code doesn't allow  "permanent structures" in the setback.

Local officials, however, are comfortable that their decisions about the project have been correct, 

It's an interesting case with some thorny leagal issues common to many coastal communities. Take a look: "Couple says McMansion approved by county violates the county's building code and ruins view of lake," by Adam Walser.