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How to Successfully Close-out a Remodeling Job

Veteran remodeler Paul Winans explains how to successfully close out a remodeling... More

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Construction Site Accidents: What to Do

Sign up for this free webinar that prepares companies to respond effectively to a... More

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The Dangers of Fixing Mistakes

Ignoring a mistake in your work can tempt disaster. But if you fix it you might... More

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Building Investigation Basics

Pete Fowler explains the procedures for conducting a building investigation that... More

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Contract Focus: Implied-Warranty Disclaimers

Builder beware; such waivers may not be enforceable. More

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Legal Best Practices for Navigating a Volatile Lumber Market

A free webinar by the National Framers Council will address the legal impacts of... More

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Pay Cut, Furloughed, or Laid Off? What Employers and Employees Need to Know

The economic crisis brought on by the novel coronavirus has upended industries... More

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Legal Questions Surrounding COVID-19 Every Builder Should Be Asking

Freeborn emerges as an important legal resource for builders in the age of COVID-19 More

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What Should be in Every Construction Agreement

Who doesn’t want to have and use a better construction agreement? More

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