A survey by ProSales finds that changes instituted by the American Wood Protection Association (AWPA) along with performance issues reported for above-grade stock have prompted dealers to make the move. The week-long online poll this spring generated responses from 140 dealers in 28 states plus the province of Ontario. Just over 54% said they currently stock two types of treated material--one for ground contact and one for above-ground use.

More than 29% said they carried only lumber rated for above-ground use, while 15% said they carried only lumber rated for ground contact. But when asked what they planned for the future, nearly 68% said they planned to carry only stock rated for ground contact. The proportion of dealers planning to carry both types dipped to about 21%.

The most common reasons for the change included a new AWPA standard, expected changes in building codes, and the convenience of carrying a single type of treated material.

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