As the aesthetics and reliability of manufactured stone veneer (MSV) has improved, the market for this exterior cladding has increased exponentially. In the last five years, manufactured stone has consistently appeared at the top of our annual Cost vs. Value report as a remodeling project with one of the highest returns on investment. And it’s increasingly common on homes and light commercial offices, hotels. In short, it’s everywhere.

However, with the increasing market opportunity comes increased risk for contractors installing it.

Like any exterior cladding, manufactured stone must be installed over a drainage plane that directs water down and out, away from the wall. How is this done for MSV? What does code require and what changing developments will affect building practices?

In this episode of JLC's Building Sessions, Clay DeKorne is joined by Jeff Tew, Director of Technical and Training for Westlake Royal Stone Solutions. Jeff started his career in the trades installing manufactured stone before shifting over to training and providing technical direction to building professionals. He brings a rare combination of practical insight and deep mastery over both the building code and manufacturing requirements for MSV. We are especially grateful he is able to break down complex technical standards into plain language and offer practical recommendations for those of us concerned with installing MSV so it remains as good as the day it was installed far into the future.