Gary Katz

I designed my new shop to look like an old horse barn, so that it would blend in with the rural area of southern Oregon where I now live. Since it's colder here than where I used to live in California, I made sure the building was well-insulated, and even indulged in radiant slab floors to keep my toes warm. The shop also needed a 12-foot-wide by 9-foot-tall overhead door, but I couldn't find an insulated one that was made of wood. The only roll-up unit I could find with a decent R-value was made from steel and looked like something you'd see on a commercial building.

So I decided to build decorative carriage doors myself and apply them to an insulated steel roll-up door. My plan was to make four frame-and-panel style carriage doors using the same "Windswept" siding and trim material ( I'd used for the shop. I'd glue and screw the doors to the steel roll-up panels, then cut through them along...

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