Adding an under-deck drainage system to a second-story deck project is a win-win proposition for homeowners and builders. While homeowners benefit by protecting their investment and doubling their outdoor living space, builders benefit, too, by selling an upgrade that delivers added value and customer satisfaction, along with the chance to make more money on a project.

Below are just a few of the key benefits of installing an under-deck drainage system:

1. Create Dry Outdoor Living Space Below the Deck
An under-deck drainage system is designed to drain water away from a deck. Using a network for troughs and downspouts, these systems capture and divert water into a gutter system that moves it away from the deck. This creates an area under the deck that stays dry and protected from the elements. This dry space can be used for storage or as additional living area. Once the system is installed, homeowners can add utilities for lighting, ceiling fans, entertainment centers and more. Some systems, such as Trex RainEscape, allow homeowners to finish off the space by adding a decorative ceiling or soffit of their choice.

2. Protect the Deck Substructure from Moisture
Not all under-deck drainage systems are the same. Systems that use a poly or rubberized membrane that drapes over the joists are best for keeping wood protected. This type of above-the-joist system provides comprehensive protection by ensuring that all beams and joists are shielded from water. It also prevents the substructure from rotting and wood decay that typically happens at around 8-10 years. With the average deck warrantied to last 25 years, it is worth the investment to ensure the deck substructure lasts as long as the decking it supports.

3. Earn More Profit
Adding an under-deck drainage system to a new deck project allows a builder to earn more profit without having to hire additional employees. Assuming a profit margin of 20% on a 325-square-foot deck, a builder could potentially earn a few thousand dollars more by adding an under-deck drainage system and a ceiling to the project.

4. Create Satisfied Customers
Although an under-deck drainage system adds a few more dollars to a deck construction project, most homeowners feel it is well worth the investment. After the first rainfall, the homeowner quickly realizes the value of having dry outdoor living space to enjoy during bad weather. No need to cancel a party because of rain; guests can still enjoy being outdoors without worrying about getting wet. Additionally, protecting the structural integrity of the substructure affords homeowners added peace of mind and satisfaction that can lead to referrals and more business.

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