If you’re fortunate enough to be on the waters of Lake Michigan, you may come across a short man-made channel on the lake’s east side. Venture through it, because the channel leads to Lake Pentwater, where a white building gleams from the shoreline, beaconing with good food and good company.

That’s the Pentwater Yacht Club, and it’s been there since 1935. It’s never looked so good.

A Reimagined Building

In 2021, the century-old warehouse that had served as the clubhouse had fallen into disrepair. Club leadership and members decided to tear down the facility and rebuild with the ambitious goal of completing the job in time for the upcoming sailing season. That meant working at a brisk pace through the harsh Michigan winter.

The club contracted Grand Rapids, Michigan–based Rockford Construction to both design and build a reimagined clubhouse. The new building sits over Lake Pentwater on steel pilings and features ample outdoor seating on a two-level deck. Its white exterior, composed of AZEK Exteriors trim and shingle siding, reflects the historic charm of the neighborhood.

Cameron Buck, owner of C Buck Professional Builders, spent nine months as the framing and exterior siding contractor on the project. He was glad Rockford Construction specified AZEK for the siding and trim. It’s the fourth-generation craftsman’s preferred material.

“I always push homeowners and building owners in that direction,” Buck says.

Low-Maintenance Solution

Club leaders envisioned a low-maintenance structure that could hold up to the region’s weather extremes. AZEK products are made of engineered polymers to resist moisture — crucial given the building is above water. Superior paint adhesion, thanks to PaintPro Technology, helps ensure long paint life and less frequent maintenance.

“It’s going to see a lot of weather,” Buck says, adding that the tight exterior of durable PVC siding and trim should stand the test of time. “It really helps limit callbacks. With AZEK, you avoid the possibility of the irregularities and twisting of wood boards.”

Speed of installation was another factor. Operating on a tight timeframe meant using a material that was lightweight and easy to work with. On that front, AZEK delivers, Buck says. The AZEK Shingle product offers the classic look of cedar shingles but is lighter than wood and more durable.

For the window frames, Buck used a Kreg Foreman to make pocket holes — a technique that connects horizontal with vertical pieces using screws unseen on the backside.

“Then we just popped the frames into place, anchored them, and plugged them,” Buck explains.

The fasteners were plugged with Cortex plugs that match the material, which means no sanding, caulking, or painting each nail hole.

Buck also appreciates that each AZEK board is precisely the same.

“When you meet up joints, you don’t have to worry about cupping. You don’t have to worry about sanding stuff out, because it’s uniform,” he says. “Every single stick is the exact same product.”

Now that the renewed clubhouse is complete, Buck can take pride in a project that bears his craftsmanship, from the staggard shingle siding and the elegant molding to the window frames and extension jambs. It’s all PVC, all durable, and all AZEK.

“It will outlast me,” Buck adds.

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