Maven Roofing & Exteriors is a woman-owned business in a male-dominated field. As such, Amanda Veinott has to ensure her jobs exceed her clients' expectations.

Veinott operates in the competitive northern New Jersey market. To differentiate her service, she pursues homeowners who “want to do projects, not necessarily need to do projects,” Veinott says. These customers are willing to spend more on higher-quality materials. That’s why it’s important that she presents options that not only look great but can also perform in the Garden State’s challenging climate. Where other materials fail, she says AZEK Trim goes the distance.

“People opt for PVC because they know it’s not going to warp, splinter, rot or do any of the other things that wood does here in New Jersey,” Veinott says.

From consulting to construction

After serving in several high-profile consultancy roles, Veinott left the corporate world and accepted a marketing position with a local roofing company. She transitioned to sales and quickly became the second-highest grossing salesperson in the company. In March of this year, she struck out on her own with Maven Roofing & Exteriors in Succasunna.

“We sort of shot out of the gate right away,” she says.

Drawing on her marketing background, Veinott scores jobs not through traditional means of advertising but through her large social media following. She has thousands of engaged followers between her personal Facebook and Instagram pages where she posts about company projects and updates.

“I’m the brand and the face of the business,” she says. “Every single job we’ve done has come through organic marketing.”

With her reputation on the line, she can’t risk using underperforming materials or callbacks. She credits AZEK Exteriors for helping put her on a path to success. Veinott has been through AZEK’s training program in Scranton, Penn. three times: first as a salesperson, second as a businessowner and third as an employer.

“I know that when we’re doing an installation, what has to be done to make sure that it lives up to the standards of the manufacturer,” she says.

Going all in on AZEK

Having been in business since only March, Maven Roofing & Exteriors has already done several impressive projects, but Veinott’s favorite isn’t her biggest job. Rather, it’s a relatively straightforward trim replacement that demonstrates how a little exterior improvement can dramatically enhance curb appeal.

She replaced 300 linear feet of rotting wood trim along the gable peaks and multiple layers of frieze board with AZEK Trim and changed out the house’s original wood columns with six-by-six wood posts surrounded with AZEK Column Wrap. It’s a remarkable transformation.

“The house looks more modern. It gave it such a fresh, crisp look,” Veinott says. “Now a house you might not have noticed is getting everyone’s attention in the neighborhood.”

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