I’ve had this on loan and after only a few hours with it I’m sold!  This is the second generation of this device as the first one was a bulky phone case designed only for iPhone 5’s.  This new model of the Flir One comes in two flavors; Flir One for the iPhone 6 with Lightning connections, and Flir One for Android devices.  It runs $250 on Amazon and has almost the same functionality as my $2000 Flir model!  

I took the Flir One for a test drive at a 70’s house where I’m about to do some remodeling.

Here’s where the Flir One could actually prove useful to a Contractor or even a DIY’er.  I scanned the ceiling and quickly found a problem of missing insulation.  Because it plugs into your iPhone all the camera functions are available to you.  I shot a quick video that is linked.

This device would easily let you scan your house to look for holes in your thermal envelope.  It could also be a great tool if you were considering remodeling to tell you where to spend some efforts on tightening your thermal envelope.

In summary, I’m very impressed with this new Flir One.  I think this should be in every Builder/Remodeler’s tool box.  This little $250 device will pay for itself if you find one issue with a house!

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