Roe Osborn

When JLC published its primer on flexible flashings a decade ago ("Choosing Flexible Flashings," Jun/01), these non-metallic, self-adhered membranes were just becoming common on jobsites. Today, they're everywhere. They have all but replaced felt splines for the edges of finned windows and are now the standard for sealing most other roof and wall penetrations. Ease of use is a big reason: All of these products work well on flat, two-dimensional surfaces, and accordion-style membranes such as DuPont's FlexWrap or Typar's Flashing Flex will conform to three intersecting surfaces, such as the corner of a window opening.

Manufacturers have made it a priority to teach contractors how to use these products correctly, and their websites offer photos, videos, and animations on proper installation techniques. This magazine has published several articles on the subject, and the annual JLC Live show always includes demonstrations of how to flash windows and doors...

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