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Cabot Gold Exterior Gives Outdoor Wood a Furniture Finish

A two-coat application provides a polished look More

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Floating Islands

With a thick, three-dimensional plastic mesh made from recycled plastic water... More

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For the Birds

Unlike their more modern cousins, dovecotes in medieval Europe weren't simply... More

Mixing Oil and Water

Cabot's new water-based ATO stain doesn't look like much in the can, but it... More

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Stilts Beyond Drywall

Stilts have been—and continue to be—used for a wide range of purposes beyond... More

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House Move: Saving a Luxury Home From Beach Erosion

When a compromised island setting requires moving not one, but four, massive structures, the logistical challenges are daunting and the process is nothing short of impressive. More

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Song of the Saw--the Other Life of the Full-Size Hand Saw

Full-size handsaws, once indispensable to the day-to-day business of cutting... More

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Screw-Head Portraiture

A hybrid of painting and sculpture, Andrew Myers' portraits use screw heads to create remarkable artwork. More

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Legislation Is the Mother of Invention

Rough-Service incandescents keep the lights on. More

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