AC RADIUS LED 130W Temporary Site Light
Joel Johnson AC RADIUS LED 130W Temporary Site Light

Cast a little light on the subject with Milwaukee’s Radius LED 130-watt Temporary Site Light. At 15,000 lumens, the company says, the “TrueView” high-definition technology reduces the number of fixtures required on a jobsite while still maintaining OSHA standards (if that’s on your radar). If it means less squinting, fewer shadows, and vibrant light (the light temperature is 3,900K), then that’s good for everybody.

The light is hardwired with a 3-foot, 120-volt power cord, but Milwaukee has designed it with an integrated wiring terminal that accepts voltages from 120 to 277 volts, allowing multiple units to be wired together in a series with MC or Romex cable through universal strain reliefs. Milwaukee says this significantly reduces the labor time associated with temporary lighting installation. Able to hang from virtually any overhead area with its convenient hanging cable, the new light has a quick-feed cable retention, so users can easily adjust the height of the cable during installation.

Milwaukee says the light’s polycarbonate lens can survive a 9-foot drop, making it tougher than lenses on a typical work light. As proof, the company offers a limited lifetime LED warranty and five-year product warranty. The Radius costs $250.

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