Given the fluctuating price, availability, and quality of full-sized solid sawn timber these days, Weyerhaeuser Series 1650 glulams may be an answer for one-piece headers and beams. These glulam headers have no camber and are sized to fit into conventional 4- and 6- inch framing. They are stress rated for bending at 1,650 psi. Comparably sized glulams, LVL, and parallel-strand lumber cost significantly more and are rated for commercial use at a minimum of 2,800 psi which is more than is needed for most residential applications. A 3 1/2 x 7 1/2-inch Series 1650 glulam reportedly has the same structural capacity as a 4x10 #1 Douglas-fir beam. The reduction in size alone may make these glulams cost effective.