3M’s extra-durable Post-it Extreme note series is now available in an extra-large format. The Post-it Extreme notes measure 4.5 inches wide by 6.75 inches tall, with just over 30 inches of writable area per sheet – more than three times the size of the standard 3x3 note.

Like its predecessor, the Post-it Extreme XL notes are made from the brand’s DuraHold adhesive and paper. The adhesive sticks to a wide range of surfaces, including steel, cement, PVC, plywood, brick and stone, and removes cleanly and easily from each one. It retains its adhesive properties, and remains writable and legible, in hot, cold, wet or windy conditions.

Post-it Extreme XL notes are not recommended for use on paper or delicate surfaces, and will only hold in wet conditions if they are first applied to a dry surface. The notes come in packs of two 25-page pads, available in a variety of colors. post-it.com.

This article originally appeared in Builder.

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