From the Patio.

Backyard kitchens may be all the rage right now, but this outdoor-equipment maker is moving the action back inside with its kick-ass Vintage Professional Cooktop. The polished stainless steel unit features six burners in a roomy, continuous grate; burner capabilities range from 12,000 to 20,000 Btu. Front-mounted controls on an angled face boast blue indicator lights. The cooktop lists at $2,500. Vintage Luxury Cooking Appliances, 800/998-8966,

Wok Like a Man.

There's nothing like stir-fry to stir the human soul — or to splatter the place with greasy smoke. Better install a high-power extraction blower over this 30,000-Btu unit. The 24-inch Professional Wok Cooktop is a dedicated, single-burner appliance that can also accommodate large stockpots. For the best home-cooked fast food in the world, figure on forking over around $1,860. Dynamic Cook-ing Systems, 800/433-8466,

Induction Instruction.

Let's pretend you know all about induction cooking. You should, because I bet your clients do. (Hint: It's magnetic.) The Wolf Induction Cooktop measures 15 inches wide and includes one 6- and one 81/2-inch-diameter heating zone. The zones can produce 1,800 watts of power simultaneously; the larger, rear element features a "Hi-Power" boost to 2,200 watts for a quick boil or sear. The cooktop costs about $1,400. Wolf Appliances, 800/332-9513,

Six Stars.

Thermador's cooktops feature incredibly cool-looking and efficient star-shaped gas burners. The PSC366ZS provides six of these great burners under one great grate; it lists at $2,200. For other burner and griddle configurations, see the company's Web site. Thermador, 866/558-4376,

Jetted Tubs

Blast from the Past.

Need early-1900s-style plumbing fixtures to complete a vintage look? You may find a suitable whirlpool tub in Kohler's Bancroft Suite. The 5-foot ProFlex (shown) and 51/2-foot Experience Whirlpool, Bath, and BubbleMassage Bath models both offer water and air jets, integral heaters, automatic and manual purge cycles, and more. The tubs coordinate with other fixtures and fittings in the suite. Prices range from $530 to $1,580 for the ProFlex, and $925 to $2,600 for the Experience, depending on options chosen. Kohler, 920/457-4441,

Tub Ahoy.

Your clients can unwind in a tight spot with the Atlantica bath, originally designed to fit within the snug hull of a yacht. The fixture comes in a variety of configurations: soaker-only, whirlpool, air-bath, or whirlpool and air-bath combo. An optional aromatherapy cylinder allows essential oils to be introduced into the air system. The whirlpool (shown) costs $2,520 in white, biscuit, bone, or almond; other colors spur an upcharge. MTI Whirlpools, 800/783-8827,

A Better Bath.

With a tubful of options, including a waterfall filler, hydro-jets, hot-air jets, combined jets, and a water heater, the Urban 7242 defies its maker's description as a "minimalist bathtub." Heating elements embedded in the tub surface warm the shoulder and neck zone. The high-gloss acrylic vessel comes in white or biscuit and costs $1,900 option-free; with all the bells and whistles, the price floats up to about $4,700. Maax, 800/348-2211,

New Standards.

For upgrades beyond the average whirlpool fare, look to the Comfort Plus Series. New standard features — muscle-pummeling back jets, a water heater for sustained bathing comfort, optional color "therapy" lighting — jazz up today's Jacuzzis. The jet system circulates both air and water, and allegedly creates a powerful full-body massage. The line contains six models, with prices starting around $2,300. Jacuzzi North America, 800/288-4002,

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