The one tool flooring installers have needed for a long time may be the Racatac. This lightweight aluminum cart has cushioned kneepads, an adjustable seat, and five swiveling casters, so you can scoot around and avoid the punishment of kneeling on a hard floor all day. The design allows you to maneuver the cart with your feet, keeping the strain on ankles, shins, and knees to a minimum. When you’re not leaning over your work, you can sit on the comfy seat. On the bottom of the cart is a removable tray to hold tools and materials. If you have to work on your knees all day, at least you can have a little more comfort and efficiency with a Racatac. It sells for $179.

Contact: Racatac Products Inc., 3229 W. Gloria Switch Rd., Church Point, LA 70525; 877/722-2822,

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