Silent Scrubber. Fully loaded, the 800 Plus Dishwasher operates at 39 dBA, making it the quietest dishwasher currently available in North America, according to Bosch. It’s also the most energy-efficient, says the company; it uses barely 2 gallons of water per cycle and consumes 97 percent less energy than federal standards allow. A half-load option further reduces energy and water consumption when washing small loads. Costs range from $1,400 to $2,000. BSH Home Appliances Corp., 800/944-2904,

Color-Coded Deck Screws. Simpson says its Dexxter screws ease installation and enhance the appearance of composite decking. Features include a Type-17 point that easily pierces composite substrate, threads that carry away excess material, and a trim head designed to reduce the mushroom effect. Five head colors match a variety of decking choices. The screws come loose or in collated strips for use with the company’s Quik Drive auto-feed screw guns. Prices for a 350-count box start at $80. Simpson Strong-Tie Co., 800/999-5099,

Nontoxic Paint. Most paint makers tout their green credentials by citing their products’ VOC content. Mythic says its paints are not only VOC-free — they’re also free of toxic ingredients and suspected carcinogens (such as formaldehyde and crystalline silica) routinely found in other paints. The company offers three paint lines: Black Label ($62 per gallon), Classic ($48 per gallon), and Pro ($30 per gallon). Southern Diversified Products, 888/714-9422,

Compliant Caulk. DAP has taken the guesswork out of choosing sealants, adhesives, and foam. Each of the seven products in The Spec Line is designed to help professionals meet industry specifications for a particular job — and the product name references that spec. (DAP Dynaflex 920, for example, is an exterior elastomeric sealant that meets industry specification ASTM C920.) The product line contains three categories: Dynaflex sealants, Dynagrip adhesives, and Draftstop foam. Prices range from $4.50 to $14. DAP Products, 888/327-8477,

Sliding-Door Track. Clients who like an industrial or loft-style look may be interested in Crowder’s Round Track sliding-door hardware. The exposed stainless steel bar and concave wheels are capable of supporting as much as 400 pounds. Thanks to precision-ground ball bearings, the wheels roll smoothly and silently, says the maker. The hardware needed for a 3/0 door costs about $2,000, and for a 4/0 door, about $2,300. K.N. Crowder Mfg., 800/567-0123,

Double-Duty Plug. For outlets certain to become dedicated charging stations, consider installing a Combination USB Charger With Tamper-Resistant Receptacle. Its twin USB charging ports add capacity and eliminate the need for a bulky adaptor. According to the manufacturer, using this receptacle rather than a traditional charger to charge a cellphone can save about $30 per year in electricity. It costs about $18. Cooper Wiring Devices, 866/853-4293,

Pull-Out Fridge. The company that first put a dishwasher in a drawer has done the same with a refrigerator. The CoolDrawer is a 36-inch single-drawer unit that can be programmed with the touch of a button to serve as a freezer, a chill drawer, a wine saver, or a fridge. A humidity-control system keeps fruits and vegetables fresh. The appliance is Energy Star–approved and sells for about $2,200. Fisher & Paykel, 888/936-7872,

Authentic Trim. Whether you need to replicate period moldings or you’re simply looking for inspiration, Hull Historical is a good place to start. The company’s Historically Accurate Moldings catalog offers a wide variety of early American styles like Georgian, Federal, and Greek Revival, and includes background information about each. Prices range from $3.50 per linear foot for simple base moldings and chair rails to $50 per linear foot for complex crowns. The Brent Hull Cos., 817/332-1495,

Battery-Operated Heater. Getting heat to where it’s needed on a wintry job site may be easier with the Hero cordless forced-air propane heater. Its maker says that this compact 12-pound unit delivers 35,000 Btu of heat — enough to warm 800 square feet. It can run for up to 12 hours on a 20-pound tank of propane and make it through a full day’s work on a single battery charge, the company says. It’s also quieter than other forced-air heaters and comes with an integrated charger that revives a dead battery in 5 1„2 hours. It costs about $190. Mr. Heater, 800/251-0001,

Grab Bar in Disguise. Moen’s Toilet Paper Grab Bar looks like any stylish bathroom accessory and features a curved design that makes it easy to replace the paper. But should anybody need a little help, its extra-long arm can support a 250-pound load. The fitting is part of a new line dubbed Grab Bars With Integrated Accessories, which also contains a towel bar and a bath shelf; all feature a brushed nickel finish and come with heavy-duty anchors so you can mount them even where there isn’t a stud. The toilet-paper bar costs about $60. Moen, 800/289-6636,

Efficient Fridge. Whirlpool says its Resource Efficient Refrigerator is the industry’s most energy-efficient side-by-side refrigerator and exceeds federal and Energy Star standards by 30 percent and 10 percent respectively. Perks include a “Fast Cool” button that lowers temperatures instantly to accommodate new food additions, and “6th Sense” technology, which automatically adjusts cooling to bring food to the proper temperature in half the normal time. The appliance costs about $1,600. Whirlpool USA, 800/253-3977,

Fireproof Foam. Ignition Barrier Coating is an intumescent latex-based product that forms a protective char-barrier when applied to open-cell or closed-cell spray polyurethane foam. It can be applied with a sprayer, roller, or brush. According to the maker, it meets code requirements for a nonprescriptive ignition barrier and should be used only in attics and crawlspaces that satisfy specific qualifying conditions. It comes in a 5-gallon pail for $340. Commercial Thermal Solutions, 800/664-0063,