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Clean Machine

The YG2800i generator offers "cleaner" power because its power inverter better stabilizes voltage and frequency than the alternator on traditional generators, allowing users to run welders, battery chargers, and computer-controlled equipment without risking damage from power spikes or drops. The 2,800-watt generator features a 5.5-hp overhead-valve engine, a low-oil warning system, and a 12-hour run time on a full tank. It weighs 66 pounds and has a list price of $1,545.



Debris Hauler

Promising to make roof tear-offs quicker, safer, and more profitable, the 11-pound TarpEase helps roofers move up to 500 pounds of old shingles and debris in one trip. The 6x6-foot rubber-infused tarp comes complete with gusseted handles and a set of four steel casters to make moving the loaded tarp fast and easy. The maker claims the replaceable tarp will survive 40 to 70 roofing jobs and cut tear-off time by 35%. It looks good for carrying demolition debris, too.

ToMorrow's Products


Cure for Fast Cure

Epoxies are great for doweling and anchoring, but warm temperatures frequently create shorter working times that clog nozzles or make material too stiff to flow easily. But, at 70 degrees, Red Head's G5 two-part epoxy has a 15-minute nozzle life, leaving a little more time to set fasteners without wasting product or money. The odorless formula cures fully in about two hours; it works in damp holes and even under water. A 22-ounce dual-cartridge tube costs $30.

ITW Ramset/Red Head


Rugged Window

Coastal areas can put a real beating on typical windows, but Stormbreaker vinyl windows use a combination of laminated glass and a heavy frame to meet or exceed the windborne-debris standards established by the Southern Building Code Congress. In order to pass the standard a window must withstand repeated impact from a 9-foot 2x4 traveling at 50 feet per second. The windows are approved in most hurricane-prone areas of the country. They are offered in double-hung, casement, awning, geometric, and picture styles for both new construction and replacement applications. A 3-0x4-0 double-hung lists at $508; a 2-0x4-0 casement lists for $566.

Simonton Windows


Recessed Can Pan

Recessed lighting can provide an easy path to a building's next level for flames and heat. Maintaining an adequate fire rating requires some kind of enclosure around the light fixture to prevent flame spread, typically a site-built plywood box. But building enclosures is a time-consuming process, and then you have to convince the inspector that a site-built box hasn't compromised the fire rating. A better solution is to use the e.z. barrier firebox. The code-approved sheet-metal pan maintains the fire rating and eliminates the slow process of building and installing site-built barriers. This firebox works with 16- and 24-inch on-center spacing and costs $42.

Cubicles Plus, Inc.


Faster Fill-Ups

Homeowners with large jetted or garden tubs often complain about the fill times. But Posi-Temp scald-protection tub and shower valves promise 34% greater flow (6.3 gpm at 60 psi) and faster tub filling than any other comparatively priced shower valve, according to the manufacturer. The redesigned valves also have rigid mounting aids for direct attachment to the framing without additional hardware. Older Posi-Temp installations can be upgraded with a newly designed cartridge for improved performance. Prices for the valves start at $117.



You're Getting Warmer

It's convenient to have a source of hot water outside, for washing the car, hosing off the kids, or filling an outdoor spa. The all-brass Model 22 hot-and-cold wall faucet is offered in freezeless and close-coupled versions. The freezeless model is self draining and can accommodate a wall thickness of up to 24 inches. A push-and-turn hot water handle prevents scalds and accidental use. The outdoor faucet is offered in vertical and horizontal layouts; rough-in dimensions are shown on the manufacturer's website. Prices start at about $60.

Woodford Manufacturing


New Laser

DeWalt's new self-leveling rotary laser is accurate to within 1/8 inch at 100 feet, and its dot is said to be visible indoors up to 100 feet away without a detector. An impact- and weather-resistant housing and an aluminum cage protect the expensive instrument from impact and falling objects. According to the maker, an intuitive control panel with one-button leveling and a wireless remote control make it easy to use. Complementing the new laser is a waterproof and impact-resistant detector. Capable of withstanding a one-story drop, the detector can be used with any visible or infrared rotary laser. If it drops into a mud puddle or wet concrete, all you have to do is hose it off. The DW077KD indoor-outdoor kit includes laser, waterproof detector, battery, remote control, wall mount, and a plastic case for $1,400. The DW077KI indoor kit, without the detector, costs $100 less. The waterproof detector can be purchased separately for $250.