Milwaukee’s new line of Tool Lanyards and Lanyard Accessories is designed to provide a secure tether for tools at risk of falling from any height, improving safety and security on the jobsite without any obstacle to productivity.

Each lanyard features locking carabiners, which ensure that the lanyard is securely anchored to its tether. Its integrated 360-degree swivels prevent twists or tangles, and its built-in shock absorption protects its users from falling object force. Each weight rating is color-coded, so that safety managers can easily identify the lanyard’s proper use.

“The Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that falling objects account for 5 percent of all workplace fatalities in the United States. Statistics like this highlight how important it is for companies with employees working at heights to implement tethering programs to help prevent these types of injuries in the first place,” says Derek Rose, senior product manager for Milwaukee Tool. “With a focus on keeping employees safe without hindering their productivity, we’ve designed a lineup of lanyards that provide little to no interference during tool use, are quick and easy to attach, as well as color coded so safety managers can easily ensure compliance.”

The Locking Tool Lanyards are available in 10lb., 15lb., and 35lb. ratings. The Extended Reach lanyard and Quick-Connect lanyard are both rated for 10lb. The Quick-Connect Lanyard is compatible with the Quick-Connect Accessory (5lb. or 10lb., sold in packs of three), which allows users to easily tether multiple tools to one lanyard.

The D-Ring Attachments, used with Self Adhesive Tape to create an attachment point for tools without lanyard holes, are available in 2lb. and 5lb. ratings, sold in packs of five, or a 35lb. rating, sold individually. Split Rings, used to create larger attachment points, are available in 3/4”, 1”, 1.5”, and 2” lengths, rated for 2lb. and sold in packs of five.

This article originally appeared in Builder.