Versatile Painter’s Tool. Based on the numbers alone, Hyde’s 14-in-1 Multi-Tool is nearly three times as good as the original version of this painter’s tool — the venerable “5-in-1.” The new tool can scrape paint, open cans, excise rot, back up a pry bar, and serve as a makeshift screwdriver; a pull-out drawer in the handle stores four bits. It costs about $11. Hyde Tools, 800/872-4933,

Multipurpose Blades. According to the manufacturer, the OX-PU10 Superfast diamond blade slices through steel as effectively as it carves up stone, brick, and concrete. Cooling holes and a reinforced center flange allow it to make fast cuts through masonry and steel without overheating, the company says. It’s sold in sizes from 4 inches ($30) to 14 inches ($174) to fit angle grinders, circular saws, and gas handheld saws. OX Group USA, 908/603-0898,

Easy Mark. To use the Self-Marking Tape Measure — which contains an ink cartridge — you extend the 16-foot tape until the pointer indicates the desired distance, then press down on the case to leave a mark. According to the maker, one cartridge can make hundreds of marks and is easily replaceable when it runs out. The ink is erasable from nonporous surfaces but permanent on raw wood and drywall. The tape measure costs $25; replacement cartridges cost $5. I-Mark Tools, 802/253-9600,

Hose-Free Roofing. Though not intended for production work, Paslode’s CR175C Cordless Roofing Nailer might be ideal for remodelers who’d rather not have to haul out the tanks and hoses when installing skylights or making repairs. It holds 120 coil nails and drives two nails per second, says the maker. Features include a soft grip handle, a single-door magazine, and an adjustable depth-of-drive. The 7 1/2-pound tool costs $430. Illinois Tool Works, 800/222-6990,